Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy father's day to my edward!

When it's fathers day, I hear a lot of people say that every day should be treated like it's fathers day. The same for mothers day, valentines day, Christmas day, birthday or what have you. On all those occasions however, the notion of celebrating it every day ends the same day as the actual event. Then it just becomes an overrated cliche.

I'd like to change this mindset because edward deserves it. Yes, he deserves a daily father's day. (or so I think (:)

I know he would like it better if I have something for him for today's father's day, like a 'turbo-engine-something-I-don't-understand-kind-of-linggo' for his car, a game for his ps3, a new gun or anything manly! That's just my two cents!!

But today, I dedicate a blog entry. (which I'm pretty sure he's not interested, let alone spend time to read. But I'll write one anyway!)

I'm writing this because I'm very much in love with him. But can you blame me? He makes me fall in love with him every single day... Ok ok ok.. There are a handful of days wherein I just want to send him back to his mother via fedex priority overnight (bubble wrap unnecessary)... But most days, like the majority of days, he just sweeps me off my feet. For reals.

Marrying him has remained the best decision I've ever made... Because that decision is the reason why my son is very lucky. He is a wonderful hands on dad. He is the most awesome dad in the planet; oh i mean, the universe!! Forget about how he works overtime as much as possible to provide for the boys. Forget about how he doubles, triples check the doors are locked and the alarm is set in our house. Forget about how he would catch a bullet for us! Those are just the basic job responsibilities of a dad. Edward on the other hand, has all the 'plus' laid out in his 'daddy portfolio.'

Let me tell you about it.

Every afternoon, he takes Collin for a fieldtrip. Just the two of them. May it be at the zoo, park, mall or at the market. He doesn't even use a stroller. Instead, he wears a carrier where Collin sits cozily. He carries all 16lbs with him for more or less 3 hours.

He changes his diapers even if there's a massive poop explosion in it. He feeds him. He bathes him. He reads to him. He plays with him. He tickles him. He sings to him. And I bet he will breastfeed him if he had mammary glands!!

Im just happy and proud that I was able to select a perfect dad for my son... And I hope that he remains as such. :)

To edward, happy fathers day to you my luv!

And I'm sorry I can't luv you today as much as I will tomorrow... Because I just cant help but love you more each day.
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