Friday, July 13, 2012

Post divorce forecast

Disclaimer: This blog entry does not mean to insult or offend Edward or Anybody. As it has raised some kind of controversy, I have writen a "Public Apology" for those who have been offended. Also, the divorce is just ficticious. so is the forecast. :)

Having a failed marriage is one of my greatest fears especially now that we have Collin.

Every now and then, papa dward and I talk about the possibility of us getting a divorce. We both agree that so far there doesn't seem to be a possibility as we both are very much willing to handle/bear/tolerate/suffer with each others bothersome-anger-inducing-irritating-sometimes-impossible-to-understand-attitude. Also, we both know that there is just one thing that will lead us straight to that direction. And that is cheating.

I tell him I'll never cheat. So I say, he will not have the reason to leave me.

Then he says he will not do that also. So that means we will then never be divorced.

I know that the possibility of him cheating is slim to none, but if he ever does, HE WILL BE GOING DOWN!!

Do you know what I mean by that?

Allow me to answer that question by giving you my post divorce forecast:

1. I will start a new blog and name it and I will blog every day about what an A hole he is. every day.

2. I'll gather up all his Jordan shoes and pour gas on them. I'll call him up and tell him Collin misses him. Then as soon as he arrives, I'll put his shoes on fire. And I'll laugh like a Villain as I watch him moan and groan like a biatch while trying to save his shoes from the ranging fire.

3 I'll call his new girl friend with ass kicking nick names. I think I'll call her curious George. Yeah I'll be bitter like that!!! OK. I'll think of a better name.

4. I will scratch and smash his car and stab all four tires with a knife and will spray paint "SUCKER!!" on it.

5. I will show my friends a picture of his new girlfriend. And we will talk shit about her. About how ugly she is. About how she's a high school drop out. About how her armpit stinks. Regardless of what the truth is.

6. I will drag the divorce papers and will call every girl he dates a mistress, even if we've been separated for 10, 15 or 20 yrs.

7. I will hack his facebook, email, bank account, iphone, corporate portals and the like.

8. I'll tell every one that I never really loved him and that I don't consider our divorce a failure, rather, it's a new beginning or whatever term sounds good and invigorating.

9. I'll flirt around 'till I find the most
handsome and successful man I can ever find. Never mind his attitude nor our feelings for each other, I'll just lie and tell everyone he is such a wonderful man and we are crazy about each other.

10. Lastly, I will cry myself to sleep evey night while nobody is watching. Every. Single. Effing.night.
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