Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentines Letter For My Man: That kind of love

Dear Edward,

I love you I love you I love you.

Can I ever say it enough?

I love how you run your fingers through my hair. I love how we walk around, hands entwined. Heck, I even love the way you breath. And I love the kind of love that we make.

But there also many things that i totally dislike about you; such as how you pretend to listen but really not when the NBA is on.

Yet I love you still. I love the way you suck up fatigue after working through out the night, just so you can watch a chick flick movie with me. I love how you massage my feet when it's hurting due to my (unbelievably) high heels, even when yours hurt even more because you were up and about in the laboratory working; and oh, did I tell you how much I love the kind of love that we make?

But I'm still consistently reminded of the things I don't like about you. Like how your mind wanders off while I tell you about my day. Your mind is just out there: perhaps wandering about the gun that you recently purchased.

Yet again, that is nothing compared to how much love I feel for you. I love the way you only sleep for 4 hours then take care of our little  boy Collin, just so I can sleep in. I love how you live your life in the likeliness  of Christ, remembering and keeping His word in everything that you do. Also, I have to point out, in case I haven't mentioned, that I ridiculously love the kind of love that we make.

But man, I don't understand and totally dislike the way you watch the Super Bowl. You watch the whole freak'n game. Don't you know that the half time show is all that matters??!??! That's what Super Bowl is all about. Seriously man.

I'll have to say though, that at end of the day, i just can't help but love you. In spite of all the things that I dislike about you, i still am very much in love with you.

I love you my dear husband;

I love you more than words can ever say;

I love you more than any actions I can ever do;

And I just love love love love making love with you.



Monday, February 3, 2014

How to cuss and get away with it. -By Collin C.

Amidst an 'almost' touchdown in Super Bowl, papa Dward furiously mutters about his disappointment on the game. With fervor as much as his dad's, Collin points at the tv and says "Puchang e-na! Puchang e-na!!" (Your mom is a hoe! Your mom is a hoe!)

Horrified, I started interrogating papa Dward about using foul language. In our house. In front of Collin!! (Can you believe that?)

He, of course, immediately denies my accusations. Then Collin says it again, "Puchang e-na! Puchang e-na"

In desperate attempts to clear his name, and hoping that Collin says something else that may just sound the same, papa Dward confronts Collin.

"What did you say Collin," he asks.

But Collin didn't respond.

Papa Dward then moves closer to Collin, bends down and firmly asks, "what did you say Collin?!?!?! What did you say!!!!"

With the most sincerest look in his eyes, acting confused as to what the fuss is all about, perhaps sensing the imminent 'time out' coming his way, he redeems himself and  exclaims "Amen!! Amen!!"

Apparently, he was only saying "amen?"

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