Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer and Movies

If I am to name one best thing there is for summers, that would be the movies! Here in the U.S., there always are sought after movies released at this time of the year. Well, mostly the 'kid-friendly' movies, which um, I super like!

If you haven't gone to the movies for quite some time, I suggest to give yourselves a break and go see a movie!

Karate Kid: this is my favorite so far. Jackie Chan never failed me with his movies. Oh ok, he did once in "the spy next door." But this is one good come back! Not only was it funny, but it is filled with life lessons shown in ways that you really get to appreciate, learn and laugh at the same time.

Shrek Forever After: think this is only for kids? Think again. I am very amazed how cartoons/animation evolved through the years. This movie is not a typical cartoon where they just live happily ever after. Instead, it shows real life situations with a touch of fantacy... Are you married and tired of doing the same errands day after day? Do you want your old single life back? Well, you're not alone! Shrek and Fiona are on the same bout as yours. Watch this movie and see how beautiful married life really is, despite all its flaws.

Sex and the City 2: Well, I've always been a fan of SATC! This movie did not level up to the first one in terms of punch lines! It just wasn't as funny and the first one was just better, by far! BUT, if you consider the plot of the story as a basis for a good movie like I do, then I'm pretty sure you'll love this as well, especially if you're married. I actually hoped this came out 3 and a half years ago when the hubby and I just got married... back when he was like mr. big in this movie! back when sitting on the couch and watching tv after work was the highlight of his day, back when he's favorite resto was 'take out'! (but hey, excluding flirting with another woman... 'cuz if that was the case then his neck would have been broken by now! hihihihi) Ok I'm going off the topic here.. but going back, Sex and the City has gone out of its shell; it no longger is just about sex, city, sex, single ladies, sex, and dating. Instead, this movie can touch almost every aspect of womans life; from being a wife in a 'boring' marriage, dealing with menopause and striving to stay young, and taking care of little kids during their terrible years.

Prince of Persia: I watched this movie only because my hubby wants to. But to my surprise, I actually like the movie. The fight scenes were well done with very good graphics. Unlike other action movies, this is not at all morbid and the fight scenes were not lagging. Plus the chemistry of the prince and princess was awesome. And the plot is very unpredictable! This movie is worth watching!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unhappy Stick


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dude, I'm The Man!

For the past couple of days, I can't help but pray for the Miracle of Life. I pray as I drive. I pray as I take a shower. I pray as I cook. I pray as I eat. I pray as I wake up. I pray as I go to bed. I pray as I breath. I even find myself praying in my dreams!

You see, we now have all the necessary ingredients for our dream to come true: Good mature eggs, 14 times more than the necessary sperm count, progesterone supplements to help in implantation and more so, to improve the lining of my uterus on the event that I get pregnant. I've gone through all I could possibly do, including 'baby dancing' even while having 3 infected incisions in my lower abdomen, just to achieve this One Great Dream.

I know, I'm being a brat. Other couples try for years and years and they do not complain, while I on the other hand have been trying for only months. Perhaps, I should just be thankful that my every other dream came true: A four bedroom house in a white neighborhood, a loving caring husband, a successful career and financial freedom in my mid twenties. All these I brag to myself. I fool myself into believing that I'm the Man! Looking back, I could not see any other instance that I have prayed as much as I have now. And this gives me the realization of what a fool I have been. Why only pray so much now? What's up with the 'quick' prayers during the times when I thought I had it all? I am such a fool.

I hate to admit this, but I deserve the miscarriage. I deserved to be heart broken because of that.

And I do not deserve the house, the family, the career. Yet, GOD provided me with all that. HE never stopped pouring all these blessings despite me being thankless.

I must also admit, that there are several times that I do not post, or hesitate to post a blog when there is so much about GOD and my faith in HIM. As I've said, I'm the Man!!!! Not some nerdy, nun-like lady! Dude, I'm cool ya' know!? :)

But it's about time to make things right. I should not care if there are people who'll think negatively of me for posting a blog on my Faith in GOD.

And today, I pray for forgiveness for all the years when I didn't praise GOD enough. I pray for forgiveness for all the years that I rarely pray. And I thank GOD for giving me all the possessions I have even when I do not deserve it. I thank GOD for binding my husband and I into a wonderful happy blessed marriage.

And once again, I pray for the Miracle of Life. I pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy in the near future. GOD, it is only through your power and glory that our One Great Dream will come true. These are the desires of my heart. But nevertheless, it is not my will, but YOUR Will be done.

1 John 5:14-15
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him

I end this blog with a note: Dude, I am the Man! For I am a woman with One Big GOD!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What If, The Going Gets Toughest

Yeah... toughest.

The night when I was prescribed the shots, my hubby gave me the 1st shot. The bad part was, since he was the one giving me a shot, I did not have a hand to hold. Instead, I just wrapped my arms around my pillow. Then he pricked me with an eeeniii meenie needle which didn't hurt a lot. But as soon as he pressed the syringe, I could feel a burning sensation as the med penetrated my skin. It felt like a sting of a bee... of jollibee! (no, i didn't scream this time. perhaps it was tolerable!)

But what made matters worse was that despite staying home to rest and have a lame 3 day long week end, one of the four incisions became painful. On that Friday night, I could not sleep because of discomfort. It wasn't so bad, but it wasn't getting any better either. Then by Saturday, I saw puss draining out of it. Sunday came and I could barely stay sited at church because the incision was very painful when my skirt rubbed/pressed against it. By Monday, it seemed that all the puss has been drained out.
I then woke up on a Tuesday morning and drove to work thinking that everything was fine. But as I drove, I could feel the pain in my incision to be getting worse. When I got to the office, I immediately looked for Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it up and hoped to make myself feel better. But when one of the supervisors found out that my incision has an infection, I was asked to go to the doctor immediately.

So I was back at the clinic on a gloomy Tuesday morning. The doctor examined the incision, not just by looking but by squeezing it. agooyy!!

doctor: "ok rei. there's definitely an infection there. I need to remove the stitch out and drain it."
rei: ****shocked**** "huh??"
doctor: "we have to be aggressive. because what happened was the outside was healing but inside was not."
rei: ***still shocked*** "ok."
doctor: **dips a cutip to the hydrogen peroxide*** "ok rei. this will hurt but we have to do this ok?"
rei: ***scared and shocked*** "ok."
doctor: ***rubs the cutip hard on the incision to make it open more***
rei: ***screaming**** "aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"
doctor: ***gets a pair of scissors, sticks it through the incision, INSIDE the wound and cuts the stitch***
rei: ****screaming*** "aaahhh!!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! ouchhhhhhhh!! crappppppppppp!!!"
doctor: ***gets another cutip*** "ok rei, I'll show you how you have to clean your wound. You or your husband have to be do this two times a day for the infection to heal."
rei: ***shocked*** "huh? ok"
doctor: ***shows the cutip to Edward. sticks the half of the head of the cutip INSIDE my wound, moving and rolling it from left to right***
rei: ***screaming again and squeezing Edward's hand as he became pale while watching what the doctor was doing**** "aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
doctor: ***took the cutip out after about a second or two***

Danggg!!!!!! Just when I thought all the pain is done, there came another one! The worst part was, it had to be done twice a day for the next 4-5 days. SShheeessshh!!! While still kinda traumatized from what just happened, my doctor told me we were then gonna have an ultrasound to see how my follicles/eggs were doing.

Voila! My eggs grew!!! woohooo!! But oh, it was just 14mm and we need 20. So I was prescribed 3 more shots. But I so didn't mind. After going through what the doctor did to my incision, the shots and the burning sensation became nothing!! And knowing that it worked for me made me luv the med. ohh i luv et!!!

Yeah, 3 more burning shots for 3 days and at least 4 days of traumatic-cleaning of my incision. ouch! sus maryosep! kasakit!!!

But when the going gets toughest, the toughest gets going!

Let's go beybehhh, lets go!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough.....

The going gets, TOUGHER!

Yeah... I mean, the going really gets tougher!

We just had a long memorial day week end. And for the first time in more than 3 years, the hubby and I are staying home. Oh! I just miss the days when we drive out of state for the long week end... to Arizona, Utah, Nevada! Despite all the eagerness, we are but forced to stay home since my doctor advised me that I have to take it easy until a month after the surgery.

Staying home wasn't so bad at first because I had a doctor's appointment that Friday and I was eagerly hoping for a good news. It had been 15 days since since I stopped my Birth control pills and 10 days since I had my period and 8 days since I started taking meds to make me ovulate.  And it was time to check if my meds worked; to check if I am about to ovulate.

As we drove to the doctor, I could not help but pray a gazillion times. I can not tell how many times I put my hands together, with fingers entwined, eyes closed and prayed for it to work. My husband could attest to that. I just really want my meds to work.

So I was again back at the ultrasound room, lying on the table with my legs up the stirrups. And that's when we found out that the meds I was taking didn't work for me. :( My follicles that stores the egg wasn't growing and my uterine lining was thin. even though I knew we can up or switch meds, I was in shock when the doctor told me that it didn't work. I just didn't want to wait for another cycle. I mean, com'n, I've been on the pill for months after the miscarriage and now this?!?!?!

But, thank GOD I didn't have to wait for another cycle! :) My doctor told me to switch meds that day! woohooo!!!  Well, it's not all that good though... because I was switched to SHOTS. ar-ouch! I will no longer drink the meds once a night but instead, I will be given shots, once a night for the next 4 nights. agoyy! For somebody who hates needles, that's a super duper big step. But when my doctor said that upping the dosage of the meds I was taking will make my uterine lining thinner, I agreed to proceed with the shots instead. Still concerned about my ovulation, I asked my doctor what my chances are of ovulating this cycle. And yeah baby, he said 100%!
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