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Note to Readers:

This blog is an honest look on Marriage, family and parenting. Some people might be offended by some of the entries. However, I will not change the way I write, because if I do, then I can't consider this as an 'honest look' on marriage and family anymore. If you are one of those who likes a good laugh every now and then, and also wants a little bit of emotional but truthful blog entries, if you want to read the ups and downs of being married and having kids, then this could be the Blog for you to read. and I hope you get to enjoy.

Blogging History:

I've always had a passion for writing but kept 99% of my blogs in private. But when I miscarried, writing has been my outlet and kept my sanity together. And now that I have a very healthy baby boy, I decided to keep the same blog. Hopefully, those who had miscarried or are trying will be inspired and those who have kids themselves will enjoy their mama hood with me.

More Details About Me

I'm Rei Cates. A Software Engineer. A wife. And ultimately, a Mother.

My husband Edward and I got married on 2006; Making us an instant family of 4 as he has 2 kids from a previous relationship. At that time, my step sons Ray was 9 and Brenden was 4.

I'm one of those very fortunate women to have married a wonderful man, and also have step kids who I adore. Those two boys have been our life and I love them just like my own. And oh, the only reason why I refer to them as 'step-kids' rather than just my 'kids', is to just lay on the facts. But on day to day real life scenarios, they are nothing less than my kids. :) Oh wait, Ray is now 14. Oh my. so he's not my kid. He's my son!

When we got married, we decided to hold off on baby making plans for three years.

Then we started trying.

And the rest is history.. or rather, the rest is documented on this blog.

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