Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines: Before and Affer Having a Baby

I know I've blogged about dinners before and after having Collin. But u see, valentine dinner is a totally different ballgame all together.

No need to go figure. Just read on :)

Before Collin:
The night before the vday, I put myself in a super meditation mode as I brain storm all by myself as to what dress to wear and how to style my hair. Mind you, this is no ordinary brainstorm. This involves complex analysis and talking to myself kind of thinking.

When v day morning comes, I blow dry my hair. Then iron it. Then curl it up. Only to iron it again just because I changed my mind. Then I try on different clothes. After changing a million and one times, I almost always end up wearing the first one I tried on. Let's not even get started with my algorithm in deciding which shoe to wear.

During our buffer dinner at the hotel, I always start with the soup. I go back to our table with just that in hand... Oh please, I can't be one of those who have several plates on their table with mountain high food on their plates. Instead, I get up quite a few times to get small servings. You see, I have to eat with class, you know!

After Collin:
I barely remember that its vday already. But as soon as i remember, which is like the night before, super meditation starts again. Brain storming galore as always.

On the day, I plan to wake up early to implement my highly structured plan. But of course, Collin wakes up early too, perhaps to abort the mission. Once the nanny comes and successfully shifts Collins attention, I barely have time left to get ready for work. So instead, I just pick the first dress I see and wear a blazer on top of it. And my hair? I can't even blow-dry it, let alone style it. So I get stuck with a ponytail with my not-just-wet-but-water-dripping-and-making-my-dress-wet-hair.

At the buffet, Collin doesn't want mommy to be away and he doesn't want mommy to take time to eat. So to accommodate his demands , I get all food that I can possibly fit on my plate. But of course I'm not skipping soup! It's under the lobster. Oh no, it's actually under the crablegs. Or the. Um. I don't know. I'm sure it's just somewhere there on my mt.everest-high-food on my plate. And please don't ask me how many plates i have on the table because that's a very inappropriate question. And um, I lost count.

What's the point of eating with class anyway? :)

ps. Thanks to my hubby for being my valentine for the 9th time in a row! Eating with class or with out class doesn't matter, for as long as I share it with you! Luv u!
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