Monday, February 3, 2014

How to cuss and get away with it. -By Collin C.

Amidst an 'almost' touchdown in Super Bowl, papa Dward furiously mutters about his disappointment on the game. With fervor as much as his dad's, Collin points at the tv and says "Puchang e-na! Puchang e-na!!" (Your mom is a hoe! Your mom is a hoe!)

Horrified, I started interrogating papa Dward about using foul language. In our house. In front of Collin!! (Can you believe that?)

He, of course, immediately denies my accusations. Then Collin says it again, "Puchang e-na! Puchang e-na"

In desperate attempts to clear his name, and hoping that Collin says something else that may just sound the same, papa Dward confronts Collin.

"What did you say Collin," he asks.

But Collin didn't respond.

Papa Dward then moves closer to Collin, bends down and firmly asks, "what did you say Collin?!?!?! What did you say!!!!"

With the most sincerest look in his eyes, acting confused as to what the fuss is all about, perhaps sensing the imminent 'time out' coming his way, he redeems himself and  exclaims "Amen!! Amen!!"

Apparently, he was only saying "amen?"

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