Tuesday, September 4, 2012

16 Fascinating Things About Collin at 16 Months

1. You love leaves. When we go out, you always go under the tree and you pick up the leaves. Then you run and show it to me, like you've found a hidden treasure.

2. You like making the sheep and cow sounds. Your favorite is "baaa" and you want me to read the baa baa black sheep book for 75359765 times and you say "baaa" each time I flip the page.

3. You love love love your swing.

4. You are starting to be a climber. You climb the coffee table and the neighbors gate!

5. You call all fruits apple. I mean, ALL.

6. Once your dad showed you a banana. He prompted you to follow what he says. "BANANA'," he said . Then you replied "apol". "No Collin. This is ba-na-na. Banana," he insisted. You replied, "AAAA-PL." but your dad was persistent. "BAAAAA- NAAAAA-NAAAA." and that upset you Collin. So you leaned forward, gave him a mean look, raised your voice and said, "AAAAA-PL!!!" and then you turned around. Perhaps saying that that conversation was over.

7. You love cars. Whenever a car passes by you get so excited and says "CAHR! Cahr! Cahr!"

8. Going back to the apple. Every morning you open your book where there are pictures of fruits and vegetables, then you excitedly say, "Apol!" But sweetie, there is no apple on the picture. Other fruits have their own names too you know?

9. When we're outside, you consistently look up the sky. Then when an airplane flies by, you point your finger to the sky, jump up and down and yell, "ei-pa! Ei-pa!ei-pa!" Then you wave good bye and blow kisses to it as it flies away.

10. You like to eat noodles! You like it best when we let you feed yourself. You pick up as much noodles as your little hand can hold, then you lift your hand up above your mouth as you look up! Then you let the tip of noodles touch your tongue and slowly suck the noodles in. And you can finish one order of spaghetti from jollibee. All.by.yourself!

11 You love riding carousel. You patiently wait in line and let your dad buckle you up. And once the carousel starts moving, you push your dads hands away and you reach out and pat the head of the animal that you are riding on.

12. When you see elephant on tv, you excitedly exclaim "efa! Efa!!"

13. You don't say mama or papa or dada unless you want something and we're not immediately giving in.

14. You walk away when it's tidy up time. You.always.have.

15. You love slides. At home, you climb up the ladder and slide down all by yourself. At Gym school, you ask your dad to put you at the top of a big slide then you slide. Over and over and over again.

16. You love Basketball! You never tire of picking up the ball, shooting it, then shaking the rim then picks up the ball again.

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