Monday, July 2, 2012

I loose

**This is a late post. I found this blog entry in my drafts. I wrote it last spring**

Papa dward found baby Collin was just wearing his diapers when he unswaddled him. So I explained that his nanny did that because it was probably hot in his room. I further explained that, earlier, Collins nanny turned the heater off then I turned it back on.

Papa dward: it was hot??!

Mama nalyn: maybe it was a lil too warm. because remember it's hotter in his room than the rest of house

Papa dward: then why did u turn it back on? (then gives me the your're-an-evil-irresponsible-mom look)

Mama nalyn; because i was freezing. But I kept the temperature low though.

Papa d: **shrugs his shoulder**

Wanting to redeem myself, I explained further.

Mama n: I was so cold that I thought I was gonna get sick...

Papa d: **cold treatment**

Mama n: and I was getting chills...

Papa d: **gives me the you-evil-mom look again**

Mama n: my chin was really shaking uncontrollably...

Papa d: **still doesn't care**

I wanted to go on and on until he understands that the house was freezing. I wanted to say, "I was gonna pass out," or "I was having frost bites," or "it was snowing inside the house!!"

Oh I was gonna say anything to win my case.

But I knew he doesn't care. He was very wrapped up with the idea that his baby was 'uncomfortably' warm. Not very hot. Just uncomfortably warm.

So instead, I kept my mouth shut.

And stood, defeated.

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