Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ang Pagbabalik ni Edward at ang Usapang Panty

Perhaps most of you know my hubby, Edward R C.

He is one fine man. He is not like the adorable hotties in our filipino movies who loves unconditionally and would beg for love in case she changes her mind on him. Far from Gerald Anderson who waits for Kim Chiu for years till she comes back from abroad; Not like Gabby Conception who takes back Angelica Panganiban even after an affair with Derek Ramsey in "I love you, good bye."

He is more like just a guy. He HAD his own share of some flings. Ok lotsa them. And yes, could be just like the guy you are with now, who also HAD dated/fooled more than 1 woman. (note the word HAD: past tense, as in before I came to the picture! as far as i know of course!)

Somehow, as he aged, he matured. He is a way better man than he was before. And the best part is, despite being 'mature', he is young at heart and really makes me laugh. Unfortunately, 99.9% of his jokes are green. So green like that of a grass! I have loved that part of him even though he has some, or quite a lot, (or lotsa lots) of jokes that are off. And yes, these jokes are utterly annoying at times (or a lot of times). Especially when I am unhappy or stressed and he suddenly blurts out a green joke! Not just that, he thinks of something green over almost anything and everything. Like when i say i want hotdog and eggs for breakfast, he shows a grin, and I know what he's thinking! argghh

But for once in 6 years that we've been together, he was speachless too when we were going through that hardest part of our lives. He knew that I needed time to heal the pain. He did not throw any unsolicited advice as to moving on and getting over my miscarriage. He was just there; putting my hair away from my face, geting some clothes for me to change up as I was so depressed to do so, bringing food to our bedroom just so I would eat.

During those days, i felt so weary for this unexplicable event in out life. Moreso, I was devastated with the fact that it had put stress into our relationship as husband and wife. During those days, my hubby remained a serious, non-joking man. While I, I somehow forgot what it's like to smile; I just moaned and groaned all day long.

Days passed and I felt a little better. At that time, I wasn't sure if he feels better also. I assumed he was sad deep inside his heart because I still had not heard anything 'green' from him.

Then, I went to Victoria Secret to buy make up.

When we got home, he looked somehow excited.

dward: mahal?
me: yes?
dward: nakabili ka ng panty?
me: panty????
dward: diba pumunta ka ng victoria secret?? namili ka ng panty?? (with a grin on his face and sorta winks his eye)

And that's how I found out he's moved on... My Edward is back!

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