Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Spot a Douchebag

Disclaimer: all characters, excluding papa dward and baby Collin, appearing in this blog entry are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or (hopefully) dead is purely coincidental.

If you've followed my blog well enough, you must have probably gotten the message that I married a wonderful responsible man. He is an imperfect but awesome husband and a very reliable dad to my lil guy Collin.

I think this goes to say that 'responsible' parenthood should start when one is 'seriously' dating. That is the time when you choose who will potentially be a father to your children in the next 3 or 5or even 10 years.

You see, had I married an A hole, I wouldn't have provided a happy family for my baby Collin. But I must admit though that part of it is just pure luck. I'm lucky to have married a nice wonderful, yet imperfect and sometimes terribly annoying irritating, man.

So I guess, this blog entry goes to all the single ladies out there. It's not too late so don't rely on luck. Choose a man wisely!

Be with a real man. But how will you know?

How did I know?

Well, that's because I know how to spot a douchebag; not to mention I've dated quite a few :p

Perhaps the experience of being with a man like papa dward and some, what's the word, douchebags, gives me
the utter capacity to spot the difference.

So with out a further ado, here is a list of characteristics to streamline the process of spotting a douchbag.

1. He makes you laugh. Again, let me repeat: he makes you laugh. But do take note that papa dward makes me laugh too. What I'm just trying to say is that you can't assume the guy as 'the one' just because he can make you laugh.

2. He is an ego monster. He thinks he is the most awesome guy in the planet. But he is not the only one who thinks that, his mom does too.

3. He acts mature. The keyword is: acts

4. He pretends to be nice to his parents and siblings (if applicable). Keyword? - pretends

5. He can be romantic. If you listen carefully, you will notice that sometimes he will pull of the same line; perhaps he memorized it or used to different women but has forgotten that he said that to you already.

6. He is most likely not handsome. But he doesn't know it.

So if you see these 6 devilish characteristics in the man you are dating... Run!! Run far far far away from him!

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