Monday, November 14, 2011

A Rant on Edward

After Collin was born, Edward and I have never been so closed and we've never been so in love and we've never been happier and everything just fell into place. [insert more lies here]

Umm, yes you read the last sentence right. Just in case you didn't get it, let me tell it to you straight: the above paragraph is everything but the truth.

Don't get me wrong though. Collin is the best thing that ever happened in our life. But you see, I'll have to admit that there is a huge responsibility that came with it. And before I say anything else, I'd like to clarify that I am exactly where I want to be. I don't want to change a thing. (yes it's ok that he bites me when I nurse him. It's part of the memories that I'll never ever forget!) oh wait, there is something I want to be changed!! Hint hint - see title of this blog entry! ;)

You see, our life before was about having a nice dinner on a week night, movies on the week end and traveling twice a year where our heart desires.

Then came Collin.

Our house is in now in turmoil. The bed is not made. The laundry is full. The dishes are dirty... Ok ok ok it had always been like that even before Collin came to the picture. But I swear something changed! Or someone did! Someone got soooooo cranky! Hint hint hint - see title of this blog entry ;)

Yes my dear readers. I'm ranting about edward's annoying behavior.

Allow me to share some stories:

Story 1: one night when Collin was about 3 wks old, my body was in so much pain because my legs and hands were swollen. To add to this inconvenience, Collin didn't want to sleep in his crib. He had to be held all night long else he wakes up right away. Because I was trying to be a good wife, I held him for hours on end so edward will not be awakened with Collins loud cries. I was so excited for morning to come so when the hubby wakes up, he'll be my knight and shining armor like always. I just knew in my heart that the moment he sees me still awake, he will get the baby and let me sleep for as long as I want. Then Finally, after his 8 hrs of deep slumber, he woke up! I was about to do my happy dance when he blurted grouchily , "aahhh!! I'm so tired!! My head hurts!!!"

2 after being off from work for a month and a half, I came back with more than what a human being can possibly handle. So to catch up, I worked day in and day out, every single day of the week! Yup, including week ends! On the 5th week end that I was working, I told edward that I really want to be off the next week end and the only way for that to happen is for me to work that day with out taking care of Collin every couple of hours. Which means, he has to take over my week end mama duties that day instead of doing something very very important -play basketball. Since it's very heart breaking for him to skip a game, he had to sarcastically tell me that since Collin is always sleeping, he will then sleep again and make himself fat and swollen. His exact words?? "oh cge nde na ako magbabasketball. Magpapamanas nlng ako."

3. One day, instead of coming home to a peaceful house, I came home hearing a discussion between edward and his mom, who spent the night at our house. I felt for edward as he was complaining to his mom as to why she woke him up when he still had time to sleep and that he had an alarm clock anyway. While feeling sorry for him, I asked for more information.
Rei: what time did she wake you up?
Edward: 1:18!!!!!
Rei: huh? What time was you alarm clock set?? **confused**
Edward: 1:20!!!!


4. One conversation
Rei: gosh I'm so tired. I only slept for 2hrs
Edward: my throat hurts

5 in a other conversation
Rei: I'm so sleepy. I haven't slept in weeks
Edward: my back hurts

6 in a txt msg at 3am
Rei: gosh Collin is awake. He doesn't wanna sleep.
Edward: I'm feeling sick

7- in another conversation
Rei: collin is teething. I was up all night because he was crying
Edward: oh men my skin hurts!

Did you notice anything wierd in numbers 4-7? No I didn't cut anything out. That's was exactly how he responded in my complaints!! Nyarrr

I'm not trying to ruin edward nor am I looking for someone to beat him up for me. (but if you insist, go ahead) :)

Even though he has been annoying, I think I just have to learn to understand him. You see, you can make him do anything but loose a minute of sleep. You can make him clean the bathroom, sweep the floor, vacuum the carpet, cook dinner, roll on the floor, sit still, get the ball with his mouth, jump off a cliff. Anything! Just not during his bedtime!

Perhaps this is what parenting is about. It's about working together and understanding each other.

Yes, a baby can make you closer and pulls you together. But the amount of responsibility that is suddenly on your shoulders can make or shake a marriage.

And I choose to let this 'make' our marriage. (with a lil rant on the side of course!)

Ps: xoxoxo to my hubby who is quite 'ruined' in this blog. I luv u sleepy head!

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